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    We engineer swift lending solutions for complex loan situations on both commercial and investment residential real estate

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    Loan Programs

    Our relationships and experience allow our clients to have access to many different  loan programs spanning all types of financing from private money and bridge lending to equipment lines.

    Property Types

    We can lend on all different property types in the commercial real estate sector, such as multifamily and mixed-use to special use, such as agricultural, and cannabis properties, and even investment residential (at times).

    Access to Capital

    Our money access is expansive and allows our clients to capitalize on projects that otherwise would have a large barrier to entry to ever get done or through the finish line. These sources include many different lenders from private investors to commercial banks.

    At Gold Bridge Capital Solutions

    our outcome is to provide stability and structure to deals that many times would be difficult or even impossible to do, for underserved markets and borrowers. We are the solution, the support to your end financial destination.

    Everything we do is ‘outside the box,’ and we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and dig in with our clients. We specialize in getting tough loans done.

    – Marie Fleming, CEO

    “We are thankful that GBCS was able to provide the funding we needed.  I needed to do repair work to my building fast.  Professionalism and speed, it’s a rare combination.”

    – K. Sanwal

    “GBCS was able to get me the construction money I needed without the red tape of a conventional institution.  I wanted to have control over my draws.”

    – B. Boster

    “I needed to close my purchase fast and after another lender wasted my time for two months I needed to get the funding I needed to close.  GBCS acted fast to close in two weeks saving my transaction”

    – V. B.

    “I had the best experience with Jared and the team. As first time commercial real estate buyers it can be very overwhelming. Jared was an answer to prayer. Quick, efficient and best of all, he cares about his clients. Thank you Jared, and Gold Bridge Capital Solutions for being such an amazing group of people.”

    – B. Alley



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    Medley Apartments Becoming Our Neighbor

    Medley Apartments Becoming Our Neighbor

    Medley Apartments complex in Natomas, Sacramento When we moved into our new offices April Last year at 4142 E. Commerce Way. This plot of land was still empty and the news was unknown for what it was going to become. Early March 2022 we finally saw some movement and...

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    What is the difference between Private Money and Hard Money?

    What is the difference between Private Money and Hard Money?

    Why an investor should know the key factors between Private and Hard money loans. As it can benefit your future investment projects and who you decide to go for a loan from. Private Money Lending Involves borrowing money from people with the money to invest capital in...

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    Private Money Answered

    Private Money Answered

    Private money lending, as the name implies, means borrowing money from an individual investor. Real estate investors use private lenders to finance deals that either won’t qualify for a traditional loan or can’t wait the usual 30 days or so that a conventional...

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