Cash-Out Bank Refinancing

Gold Bridge Capital Solutions Multi-Family Refinance Loan
Gold Bridge Capital Solutions Multi-Family Refinance Loan

Transaction Details

$1,400,000 ALL Cash-Out Bank Refinance

2 Multifamily Properties for Foreign Borrower

Rural Locations in OREGON



  • One of the Borrowers was a FOREIGNER  (True Non-US Citizen)
  • ALL the cash-out was going back to ONE of the partners to recap for the original purchase + rehab (deal killer for many lenders)
  • Client had been turned down by 14 LOCAL Banks/Credit Unions before we were introduced to the deal, even one in particular where the client kept over $250,000 on deposit with that bank
  • Loans, respectively, were too small for Agency Small Balance


  • The team at Gold Bridge Capital Solutions rolled the sleeves up and made calls to find the RIGHT local lender – ended up being a Bank!
  • 75% AND 60% LTV Cash-out, Respectively  – ALL CASH OUT
  • 10-Year Term to lock in rate for long time period
  • Sub 4.50% Fixed Rate Financing
  • Underwriting mainly based off property only; NO global debt service.

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