The Team

Marie Fleming


Jared Rine

Executive Director

Gabriela Rosales

Director of Marketing & Productions

We Help Our Clients Secure Financing

mainly through bridge and private money lending for commercial and investment residential real estate. We literally “bridge” the gap in situations where conventional and conforming can’t or even won’t execute – value-add, time sensitivities/quick close, property or borrower constraints, OR possibly you don’t want to be held to all the “red-tape,” and regulation of the conventional sector. We help with that too.

Taking a more advisory role, we also give support to facilitate the next step of the deal. Functioning as a brokerage allows us to be client-centric rather than company focused. Due to this approach, our clients tend to be life-long and we focus on relationship development versus being solely transactional. This takes years of practice, not only talent. A combined 25+ years experience in the office allows us to leverage and draw upon many established lender relationships and proven, vetted capital sources.

What We Promise You



We treat our clients’ deals as our own and will exhaust all resources when taking a deal on



If we wouldn’t do the deal for our own family member, we will turn it down before providing a loan



We don’t back down or get frantic when things get tough. In fact, when sh*t hits the fan, we are even more attentive and creative.



We look to find red flags or issues first and then identity solutions to cross those hurdles

“A lot of people in our industry don’t follow through. Good, bad, or ugly, that’s not us. We do what we say and we say what we do. We don’t feel we do anything special. But our client’s do, in the way we put their interests first.”

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